Aldo Rossi: Monument for the Resistance for Cuneo


Aldo Rossi: Monument for the Resistance for Cuneo
Original Drawings and Original Models


“For the unbuilt Monument to the Resistance in Cuneo, 1962, Rossi proposed a semicircle of seats focused on a masonry cube. In this sense, the monument itself becomes the focus of a theatrical event. The cube can be entered by means of a pyramidal staircase that leads to an interior platform. In the wall opposite the staircase, a slit is cut in the wall to allow the viewer inside the cube a view of a ridgetop on which members of resistance fought the Germans. The slit is angled toward the circular seats, so that a few people, sitting on the far right seats, might be able watch a viewer inside the cube look across the landscape at the site. In that way, they would be reminded of the hallowed site and the importance of the act of looking at the site by the performance of the viewed viewer in the memorial cube. Or, even if most people in the seats couldn’t see a viewer in side the cube, she or he should become aware of the fact that the cube was more than a pure form, that it is also a kind of camera obscura that focuses our attention on a site where heroic deeds took place. The audience in the seats contemplates a device for contemplation and thus, in a larger sense, contemplates the very act of contemplation.”

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