Alvaro Siza: Leca Swimming Pools


Alvaro Siza – Leca Swimming Pools
Original Drawings & Model
These are original drawings and model done by the office of Alvaro Siza for Leca Swimming Pools in Portugal.

“[For the swimming pool] I thought to myself, this time, as in many compositions, there should be two completely separate elements, each with its own language, but where they should both be interconnected.” – Alvaro Siza



Early sketch drawn by Alvaro Siza.



Original model of Leca Swimming Pools in an Alvaro Siza exhibition.ALVARO-SIZA-LECA-SWIMMING-POOLS-SKETCH


Perspective sketch of the tidal pool.ALVARO-SIZA-LECA-SWIMMING-POOLS-PLAN

Plan drawing by Alvaro Siza.



ALVARO-SIZA-LECA-SWIMMING-POOLS-DETAILED-SECTIONDetail section cutting through the building.


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