Bucket List: Houses

This is a non-exhaustive bucket list of houses designed in the modern era that are judged in the following criteria;

Historical Significance:-
The house’s mark on the history of architecture through cultural impact.

Acclaimed Architect:-
The house designed by a well recognized architect and each architect is limited to a single entry.

Unanimously Beautiful:-
The house is unanimously acclaimed as beautiful in regards to form, context and craft.

The list might be updated and modified from time to time.

In no particular order;

1. Fallingwater / Frank Lloyd Wright
2. Villa Savoye / Le Corbusier
3. Farnsworth House / Mies van der Rohe
4. Villa Mairea / Alvar Aalto
5. Villa Malaparte / Adalberto Libera
6. Glass House / Philip Johnson
7. Douglas House / Richard Meier
8. Koshino House / Tadao Ando
9. House at Riva San Vitale / Mario Botta
10.  Upper Lawn Pavillion / Alison & Peter Smithson

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