New York Diorama: The City of Light


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New York’s diorama titled “The City of Light”, presented by Consolidated Edison at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. The diorama is initially presented with a dark sky with lightning looming over New York and one by one the windows of the buildings lit up, brightening the city. The diorama is three storeys tall and the length of a block.

“Night falls.. but not in the City of Light.”


Observers in the large room, mesmerized by the world’s largest diorama of New York.


Artist working and painting the diorama.


Fixing the cupola on top of a skyscraper.


The immense scale of the Empire State Building.


The diorama is angled upwards that from the observer’s perspective the horizon is visible in the distance.


Three artists working on the diorama.

1939_NEW_YORK_WORLD-FAIR_CITY_OF_LIGHT_DIORAMA_CLIMBING_EMPIRE_STATE_BUILDINGThis must be how King Kong feels like climbing on top of the Empire State Building.


Skyscrapers over Manhattan.




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